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Wildlife & Tours

John o'Groats offers the perfect place to enjoy nothing but the sounds of nature with the chance to tick some spectacular creatures off your bucket list!

From Land

John o'Groats is full of spectacular wildlife across the fields, shoreline and cliffs at all time of year.

One of the favourites for many guests are the Puffins which can 
be found nesting, among many other seabirds, on the cliffs at Duncansby.

Our Favourite animals are the Seals which can be spotted throughout the year, they are such curious creature and you'll often find them close to the shoreline looking out for you as you walk past.

In the Autumn months we are blessed with the beautiful site of the coastline or  the shallows full of seal pups.

The location of the Guest house is perfect for immersing yourself in nature from sitting outside in the morning or evening to nothing but the songs of the birds, or looking out your window to be greeted by a deer staring back.

At Sea


Similar to land and cliffs the sea surrounding John o'Groats is full of wildlife and cetaceans.

Many bucket list animals such as Humpback, Minkie and Pilot whales along with Orca, Porpoise, Risso's and Bottle Nose dolphins can be seen from our shore or experienced on a tour. 


Be sure to bring your binoculars, although not always needed with how close some of the spectacular creatures will come to the coastline.

See many of the seabird divebombing the waters to catch fish for their young or maybe even an otter coming back with the catch of the day.


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Tours & Farm

There are a variety of tours available to allow you to see the wild and sea life from a whole different prospective.

The John o'Groats Ferries Wildlife Tour and Caithness Seacoast will take you to the sea for a chance to catch a signing of the seabirds or cetaceans.

If heading to the sea isn't for you and you'd rather keep your feet firmly on land then enjoy a walk around Puffin Croft. Get to pet and feed the animals but be warned, you must be prepared to buy lots of carrots as the animals know how to suck you in into keep giving them more and more... and more!

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