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Thumbs up for Doug!

Douglas, putting his thumb to good use!

Doug left us this morning, hitch-hiking his way down to Land's End to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. After waiting for an hour and ten minutes, a kindly motorist stopped and offered him a lift to Inverness. Two further rides on his first day saw him overnight in Perth, where he was fortunate to secure a ride to Charnock Richard on his second day. Four separate lifts got Doug to Penzance, within ten miles of his destination, on his third day and it just took one more use of hie thumb to get him to Land's End.

By a strange twist of fate, one of the lifts Doug enjoyed on day three of his adventure was from a gentleman named Haydn who had cycled from John o' Groats just last year and who had stayed with us at the Guest House in June 2016!

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